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​Unlocked Potential: Life Beyond Limitations

Currently serving Children and Families in Central and Northern NJ

Unlocked Potential

​Unlocked Potential was founded by Kim Keyes, LCSW in the early months of 2014 and was later approved by the state of NJ to be a resource within the Children's System of Care. 

In January 2015, we were entrusted to begin working with our first child and family and have been growing and evolving ever since.  Our Mission is to provide quality, community based services to children effected by Developmental Disabilities and other general mental health needs.  We work with the children and their families by utilizing an individualized, strengths based, and holistically informed approach. 

As a community based agency, we truly believe that children belong at home with their families when this can safely occur.  We view that our purpose is to help make this happen through the development of programs aimed to be supportive, by improving the social and coping skills of the children and families we work with as well as by working with others to build a positive and accepting community.

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