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Unlocked Potential has offered Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services since January 2015.  Applied Behavior Analysis is  a scientific approach of managing behavior by evaluating the functions of various behaviors, analyzing data derived from observations, and attempting to replace the negative behaviors through purposeful interventions aimed at modifying the needs while still fulfilling the function of these behaviors. 

In short, ABA is awesome.  But, it's also really intense and requires commitment from the family to get the best results.   

With ABA services offered through Unlocked Potential, the request for this service may only be made by the Care Management Organization after community resources and private insurance have been exhausted as potential resources for the family.  ABA services through Unlocked Potential are state approved and billed to Medicaid.

After the initial approval, a family can expect to meet with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) to complete an assessment called a Functional Behavior Assessment.  This generally includes 2 observations of the youth and some contacts with various professionals familiar with the youth's needs.  After this, the BCBA then creates a Behavior Support Plan which outlines various interventions the BCBA intends to implement through treatment.  Once these documents have been created, Unlocked Potential sends them to the state and waits for approval for ABA services to begin and for how many hours per week.

Once approved, the state allows for ongoing ABA services to begin.  The amount of hours per week depends on the youth's needs, but generally consists of 4-6 visits per week by a state approved behavior technician and once per week from a BCBA (overlapping with one of the times the BT is in the home during the week).   We refer to these providers as our ABA team and consists of one BCBA and at least one Behavior Technician (BT).  The BT is in the home the most and provides the direct implementation of services and interventions as outlined by the Board Certified Behavior Analyst through the Behavior Support Plan.  The BCBA then comes to the home to observe the child and the Behavior Technician at least one time per week to check in and see how things are going.  During this observation, they review the programs in place, supervise the techniques used by the behavior technician, assess the usefulness of any materials being utilized, address any family concerns, and obtain data to measure progress.  In between sessions, the BCBA updates the programs and materials as needed, updates the treatment plan (BSP), and maintains contact with other Child Family Team (CFT) members to ensure everyone is aware of progress or barriers.

The initial authorization for these services is for 90 days and is subject to reauthorization based on level of need, progress, and agreement among the youth's Child and Family Team.

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