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Unlocked Potential

Unlocked Potential has been offering I/DD specific in home therapy services since January 2015.  The implementation of these services are decided upon during the Child and Family Team meeting where the family is meeting with their Care Manager and other supports to discuss the treatment needs.  Once the specialized in home therapy service is deemed appropriate, the Care Manager will make a referral to Unlocked Potential to discuss provider availability.  

All clinicians that provide this service through Unlocked Potential are licensed through the State of NJ and are certified by the state for their DD experience.  All providers have at least one year of direct work experience with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities, but many have much more.  

The typical authorization is 2 to 4 hours per week which is generally one to two visits per week to support the child and family.  The goal of this service may range from individual counseling with the child to family support.  Often times, family therapy is utilized to help the parents or caregivers better understand the child's diagnosis and related needs and to help the family find ways that they can guide, support, and parent their child through understanding the family dynamics or through behavior modification.  This service may also be utilized as a support to engage and educate siblings or extended family members who are impacted or want to be more involved, but are not sure how to go about doing that.

The initial authorization for these services is for 90 days and is subject to reauthorization based on level of need, progress, and agreement among the youth's Child and Family Team. 

Clinical Services - Developmental Disability Specialty