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Unlocked Potential

David Timpanaro, MA

Dave graduated with a BA in Psychology from Rutgers University, and entered the field right away providing direct in-home behavioral assistant services for youth experiencing difficulties with behavioral and mental health.  After some years in this role, Dave sought to have a larger impact in the planning efforts for the children he worked and became a Care Manager in the Middlesex County Care Management Organization.  During this time, the Care Management Organization served children with the highest level of need with regard to behavioral and mental health and Dave embraced the Wraparound Model as a way to catapult children and families to their ultimate goal, often for peace and safety within the home.   

Dave later completed a Master of Science degree in Multidisciplinary Human Services which he often describes as a Master's in Wraparound as it focuses on using the community to support the individual.  After several years in the Middlesex CMO, Dave went on to work in the adult system of those individuals living with developmental disabilities.  From this vantage point, Dave saw the importance of developing the services within the Children's System of Care for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities so that the families would be more prepared for when the children became adults.  Dave drew from his passion and decided that he would return to the Children’s System of Care and joined Unlocked Potential in the role of Service Coordinator.  In this position, Dave utilizes his 14+ years of system experience to collaborate with system partners such as the Care Management Organizations and Mobile Response Stabilization Services to ensure the most appropriate and efficient linkages between children, families, and providers for the best chance of success.  Dave continues to pursue his education by working toward a Doctorate in Multidisciplinary Human Services and so, we are positive, the best is yet to come!