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​Unlocked Potential: Life Beyond Limitations

Currently serving Children and Families in Central and Northern NJ

Unlocked Potential

  The Going Up Foundation is a non profit entity dedicated to helping raise funds for community based resources for Unlocked Potential. 

As an agency, we have set a fundraising goal of


to help with carrying out an initiative to open a

Community Center for children and families effected by Developmental Disabilities.   

 More Info can be found below in the "Agency Initiatives" link 

Throughout the year, Unlocked Potential will be hosting various activities to have fun while also helping to raise money for our cause.  (Check out the Events tab!) 

Any contribution to our foundation will be greatly appreciated and will help offset the cost of start up for the first year and family memberships once the facility opens.  

It is with great ambition that we hope to open by Summer 2017.  

Thank you for joining us in our mission!  

Please check back to our thermometer as we provide updates regarding our progress! 

Fundraiser Status: 

Just Getting Warmed UP!

The Going Up Foundation

** Donations are not currently tax deductible as The Going Up Foundation is still in process of becoming a 501(C)3 **

Still trying to decide how much?  Here are some expenses we anticipate: 

Indoor play area equipment: $10,000

Build out for one room (we need two): $5000 each

Couches for Parent Lounge furniture: $3500

Group room Furniture: $3000

Rent: $3000 per month

Monthly membership for a family: $150 - 300 

Chairs for group room: $65 each