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John Vitug, BCBA

John Vitug is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with over 3 years of applied behavior analysis (ABA) experience. John has worked with both adults and children with severe problem behaviors applying the principles of ABA to reduce socially significant maladaptive behaviors and increasing socially appropriate replacement skills. John completed his BACB approved coursework through Florida Institute of Technology and received his Master's Degree in Human Behavior and Organizational Psychology from Kean University in 2011. John has a passion for helping others grow and achieve their fullest potential. John lives by the adage, "students don't fail to learn, teachers fail to teach". To be an effective Behavior Analyst, one must look at all stimulus in the environment, including that of a BCBA, to realize what observable and measurable changes one can achieve. If a learner is not achieving significant gains, it is not the learner suffering from their disabilities or limitations, but a teacher needing to adapt and finding a new and unique approach.

John is also an entrepreneur at heart, co-founding several companies that focused on helping those in need and spreading the message of living healthier lifestyles. John joined Unlocked Potential in 2015 with the goal of growing and developing Unlocked Potential's ABA services as the premier go-to agency for behavioral treatments. Applied behavior analysis can be found everywhere and John spreads his love of the field by mentoring others who share his passion.