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To Access Services

Through PerformCare and the

Care Management Organizations:

In order to access services through PerformCare and, potentially, the Care Management Organizations, you first need to reach out and identify that you and your child are in need. 


This process would start by contacting PerformCare at 877.652.7624 to determine if your child meets the "level of need" for services.

There are a variety of free and low cost services that may be available within this system and/or recommendations can be made for alternative resources!

To access services that are specific to Intellectual and Developmental Delays, your child will also need "DD Eligibility" find more information here:

If you are already involved with the Care Management Organization and have an interest in the services provided by Unlocked Potential, you can express your interest in accessing these services through a conversation with your Care Manager prior to or during your next Child and Family Team Meeting (CFT).  Once the team agrees that this would be an appropriate, next step to your plan, you're care manager can reach out to our Unlocked Potential Service Coordinator at 732.339.3100 or through

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