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​Unlocked Potential was founded by a young, enthusiastic, and dedicated social worker named Kim Keyes in the early months of 2014.  As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Kim was passionate about working with  children and families throughout the state of NJ through direct clinical practice as well as through advocacy and development of quality programming, policies, and legislation. 


By 2015, Kim led Unlocked Potential to become a provider within the Children's System of Care with a team of staff specializing in meeting the needs of chlildren and families, particularly those affected by intellectual and developmental delays.  

Over the years, Unlocked Potential has been entrusted to work with hundreds of children and families through the provision of a variety of services including Applied Behavior Analysis, Counseling, School Based Services, and Respite.  UP continues  to grow and evolve through continuous reflection, feedback, professional development, and program development around systemic areas of need for children and families.

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