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Clinical Department

Intensive In-Community (IIC) Services are counseling and therapy services delivered in the community. They help restore a youth’s level of functioning after a decline related to a behavioral health event. These services are also appropriate after a major life stress or trauma. IIC services are provided by licensed practitioners and may include individual and/or family therapy. 


Unlocked Potential offers "in home" counseling and therapeutic services to help improve a youth or family's functioning. Impacts to functioning may be due to a variety of reasons such as  major life stress, trauma, or lifelong intellectual or developmental delays.  Clinical services are provided by licensed practitioners and involves individual and/or family therapy.  Unlocked Potential offers "in home" counseling services as contracted with the New Jersey Children's System of Care.  Within CSOC, these services are considered intense and are referred to as IIC (focused on general mental health) and IIH (focused on children effected by intellectual and developmental delays).


IIC and IIH services are available for children between the ages of 5 and 21 and their families.   These services are accessed through a Care Management Organization contracted with PerformCare and the Children's System of Care.

IIC services are available for youth in need of support for general mental health services such as depression, anxiety, and adjustment to significant life changes.

IIH services are similar to IIC services in delivery, however, specialize in needs pertaining to developmental delays.  Common diagnosis include Autism, Down Syndrom, Cerebral Palsy, etc. eligible candidates additionally require that the youth is approved for DD Eligibility through PerformCare and the Children's System of Care. 


Sessions occur during a mutually agreed upon schedule between the family and the Respite provider.  Due to children's school schedule, sessions generally occur afterschool, evenings, and weekends.


Within the Agency Hired Respite program, Unlocked Potential providers generally stay with the child in and around the family's home (ie. backyard, local park, etc) as appropriate. 

Within the Weekend Respite Program, Unlocked Potential provides group outings for the family to drop off their child and pick them up at a predetermined time.  Current weekend respite programming includes Saturday Walking Club at Roosevelt Park in Woodbridge, NJ. 

Funding for Weekend Respite program is available for those youth and families who are approved through PerformCare.  Limited slots are available for families seeking private pay options.

All Respite Inquiries should be emailed to


Caregivers are often at a high risk of "burn out" or "brown out" when they dont have time to decompress and relax.  Respite offers parents time to take care of themselves and have a much needed break from their caretaking responsibilities. Additionally, when a youth has time with others outside of the family and the structure of school, they also have an opportunity to utilize some of the social skills they may be working on in other settings. 


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